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Strzałka Do you want to pass without any problems every system permissions audit?
Strzałka Do you want to consciously manage your employees’ access to critical business data?
Strzałka Do you want to prevent fraud arising from the very broad privileges of your employees in IT systems?
Strzałka Do you want to know who has an access to confidential information in your IT systems?
Strzałka Do you want to ensure that your employees have the access to ERP systems in accordance with the duties of the post they work?
Strzałka Do you want to improve the internal control system and risk management efficiency in your company?

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integration with the Company's Environment

Strzałka Who has an access to confidential information in your IT systems?
Strzałka Which significant financial risks „materialize” in my employees’ privileges?
Strzałka Who has Segregation of Duties conflicts? Who is authorized to run a payment and book accounting documents?
Strzałka How to automate the privilege granting process?
Strzałka How to automatically check whether request for privileges does not contain SoD conflicts?
Strzałka How to improve the internal control system efficiency?
Strzałka How to eliminate SoD conflicts?

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S&C Wrokflow support in all stages of a process

Experts from our company support the S&C solutions implementation at any stage of the project. First step is business analysis in order to identify critical processes in privileges management field. Then we adapt the system to client specific needs, conduct tests and install the S&C in client production environment. After implementation together with the end user we conduct tool tests and verification, and offer support and assistance in the further use of S&C.

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S&C Wrokflow support in all stages of a process
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Our instructional videos database shows how the organization using products Security & Compliance could in a simple and fast way solve the problem of too wide employees’ access to business systems and Segregation of Duties conflicts (SoD called).

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S&C Expert

Innovative solution dedicated to preventive simulations and cyclic privilege audits from the sensitive transactions access and SoD conflicts analyse perspective.

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S&C Workflow

Supports the process of managing user privileges in business applications. By using our tools in your company can automate the entire process of granting and withdrawing privileges to business systems.

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At each stage of S&C implementation, as well as during the further software operation, our experts provide assistance in solving current problems.

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See how the S&C solutions work and download free demo.